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Questions from our students regarding WAW Kot


Are there house rules?

Custom-written house rules also serve as a manual for this complex. A version in English is available on request.


Is the building in order with fire safety?

The complex meets the strictest standards of fire safety in 2015 (green quality label City of Antwerp Kotweb). A log is always present in the building.


What is a fire evacuation drill?

An exercise to introduce the students to the sound of the sirens, the exits of the building and the standard procedure specific to this complex. Afterwards, a word will follow and of course a snack and tap as a warm welcome for the start of the academic year in the WAW kot!


Does the student have to maintain the room himself?

The student room must be maintained by the student.


Service charges are not included in the rental price?


Service costs consist of: consumption of electricity-gas-water, costs for internet-cable TV. However, maintenance costs for all common parts such as corridors-kitchens (list is not exhaustive), collection of household waste, damage caused by kot parties, participation in the block policy and costs determined in the Co-Ownership Act.

These service costs are estimated at 55 €/month and an annual settlement is drawn up.

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