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Student rooms of your choice

102 rooms on 4 floors
Dorm room

Each room, approx. 20 m², is equipped with 1 bed of 1.60 m wide, shower, toilet, heating, sink, cupboard, study desk, internet, cable TV, hot / cold water, intercom.
Rental from 535 € per month
Deposit 2 months rent
Monthly costs for heating, electricity and water with separate meters per room 65 €.


Shared kitchen

Each floor has its own kitchen that is shared by the students and is a cozy place to cook, eat and party.
Weekly cleaning by the concierge.

WAW kot building

The complex has 102 new student rooms, which give you a loft feeling due to the high ceilings and where all rooms meet the highest standards of fire safety in 2015. The complex has the green quality of the city of Antwerp (Kotweb)

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